Murray Rotary Pancake Breakfast

Come join us for a delicious pancake breakfast at the Murray Park Pavilion #5 on Monday, July 4, 2016 from 6:30-10:00 am. Adults are $6 and Children (12 and under) are $4.

Tickets are available online at

After the parade, there will be a raffle and duckie race where prizes will be a Traeger Smoker and an XBOX One.

See you there!

Meeting with Staffers from Senator Mike Lee's Office

The staff of Senator Mike Lee will be paying a visit to Murray City Hall on Friday May 13, 10:00AM-12:00PM. 

Here is a statement from his Office "As Senator Lee strives to be a resource for the people of Murray, we look forward to assisting Utahns on a number of issues, including social security, veterans’ benefits, IRS issues, and more. Our mobile office is here to share this resource with the community in Murray, and we hope you’ll feel free to point people in our direction when they’re facing challenges with issues we can help with."

2016 Mexico Service Trip

Rotarians returning from Mazatlán had nothing but praise for the week in Mexico.  Jim Charnholm reported that the solar panels that have been installed at the Ciudad de los Niños orphanage will be up and running within a month.  This should save the orphanage about $1000 per month in electricity costs.

The children at the orphanage all received new shoes, backpacks and school supplies. The money that was donated by Rotarians in our club also bought a copy machine, extra ink cartridges and reams of paper for the orphanage.  We also gave the sister in charge a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a book about the current pope, Pope Francis.  She was so appreciative!

Our Rotarians and other family members spent almost 4 hours painting an 8 foot high, 1000 yard long wall in front of the orphanage.  It was hard, hot work, but we all had fun while working!  We attended the Mazatlán Rotary Club’s weekly meeting and joined them for a wonderful dinner held at a popular restaurant in the main plaza of the city.  Some of us took a Mazatlán city tour and some also took a tour into the countryside.  All enjoyed the pools at our wonderful resort, El Cid Marina, and loved playing and sunning on the beach!  It was a great week!

Below are some pictures of the project and people involved.

Murray Rotary annually provide lunch and entertainment for the Murray Boys and Girls Club.  This was a treat for all to be there and witness the good that is being done for perhaps the less privileged and those in need of a lift during the holiday time.  This is a traditionally well attended event where Pizza, cookies and drinks are provided for all.   Murray Costco has joined hands with the Rotary in supplying the tasty Pizza, three different flavors even, and they have made a great contribution to sharing this season with those that really appreciate this lunch and their efforts to be a part of this celebration.  It makes it all a great experience.  We have been anxiously awaiting for one of Costco leadership to join as member of the Murray Rotary Club as they have continued serving Murray for a number of years.

Murray Rotary Club enjoyed their annual Christmas Party with many attending and with the talented ensemble led by Randy Buchmiller's granddaughter providing Christmas Music and getting all in the holiday spirit.  A great backdrop of Christmas trees loaded with snow help set the mood for such a wonderful evening.

 Couldn't be any prettier
 Joyce Anderson receiving thanks for years of service
 Terry Putnam and Norma Carr representing the Rotary Foundation
 Maria Vanderheyden  receiving 8th Paul Harris Award
 that deserved two shots
 Bob and Krista Dunn
 Dan Murdock and Jim Charnholm with beautiful spouses
 Kyle Winther, Bruce Parsons, Kent Fitzgerald all with spouses
 Ron and Clairene Jensen, serious talk we are sure about Christmas
Sue and Greg Alder and Sherri Putnam
 Duane Karren, Bud Christensen, David Christensen solving world problems

Christmas Carols joined by all

Murray Breaks Records in Total Distribution of Dictionaries

Spearheaded by Ron Jensen the club distributed this year for the first time ever over 2000 dictionaries to 3rd graders in Murray, West Valley, South Salt Lake, South and West Jordan, and Carbon and Emery Counties.  It wasn't easy for sure but somehow Ron got the help needed from our Rotarians to help in this extraordinary accomplishment.  This continues to make a great impact on the future generation, grateful for opportunities of learning.  Hats off to all!